4th June 2016
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3063 South Service Rd., Burlington, ON., L7N 3E9

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How do you define success? Are You Achieving Your Goals?

Life should be an adventure. Life should be fulfilling. Life should be more than just existing. But most people are so bogged down trying to just survive that they do not relish the miracles of being alive. Most people are only experiencing a fraction of the joy and satisfaction that is available to them. Join us at the Success Summit and learn how to prepare for success and see the real change and big results. Put yourself in the environment favorable to unfoldment of your true potential.

Most entrepreneurs work really hard for their money. And let’s face it; there is a LOT to do, especially when you are a one man or very small business! If you feel you are working very hard, yet not able to land enough clients, you are most definitely not alone. To be successful, you need to stand out and differentiate yourself. But how?

The Success Summit – Burlington 2016 will help you discover exactly how this can be achieved. With powerful keynotes, exceptional vendors and unparalleled networking opportunities that are led by notable leaders from across Ontario, it is our mission to bring you the best to empower your business to grow.

The Speakers

Master Classes from creative experts

Kim Speed


Recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the Marketing world she is an international speaker, panelist, and strategist. Her clients hire her for her Marketing savvy, no BS approach and of course her signature trait of making Marketing fun!

Robert Craig


Robert Craig is the Light Bulb Strategy Guy. His mission is to help you develop a life plan using his Light Bulb Strategy Blueprint.

Rola Mneimne


Rola has a degree in organizational psychology and a masters in Adult Training and development. She's worked as a corporate trainer for many years, and her experience includes training on leadership and management skills.

Jaclyn Colville

MC - Jaclyn

As a University Student at Western University and Fanshawe College Jaclyn would spend her summer months interning at CTV’s eTalk. She interned for BravoFact!, Rogers Television and, of course, CHCH News.

Summit Schedule




1:00 - 1:15

Welcome + Introductions

1:15 - 2:00

Master the Art of Listening during Conflict

Rola Mneimne

Rola MneimneWe all find ourselves in situations of conflict, where disagreement occurs. Most people think they have great listening skills, but listening effectively is different than hearing passively. Whether you are with a client, your boss, your employee or your partner you need to learn how to handle the situation in such a way that conflict is quickly contained. In this presentation we will cover the ways by which we can handle conflict for it not to escalate into an argument and learn what we need to do psychologically and physically when in conflict. We will also learn the different conflict resolution styles and how to handle each. And finally we will learn about the listening life cycle and what to do when.

2:00 - 2:45

The Light Bulb Strategy Blueprint

Robert Craig

Robert CraigAuthor, Robert Craig speaks about brilliance – your brilliance! He shares with you how to find your brilliance, grow it and share it with others. However, brilliance doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to plan for it – strategically. That’s where The Light Bulb Strategy Blueprint comes in. With this Blueprint, Robert shows you the 7 steps to help you lead a brilliant life. After learning about The Light Bulb Strategy, you will never look at a light bulb the same way again.

Robert Answers:
• Are you currently a “60 watt light bulb” thinker?
• Do you have “Habits of Brilliance”?
• Who is controlling your “Dimmer Switch”?
• What “Elements of Brilliance” do you need to succeed?
• What’s holding you back from being even more brilliant?

2:45 -3:00

Break Time

3:00 - 3:45

Show Me the Clients - The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes keeping You Stuck in 5 Figures!

Liz Scott

Liz ScottIt can be hard work finding clients. Many entrepreneurs are simply doing the wrong things
As a successful entrepreneur myself, I watch how most entrepreneurs spin their wheels trying to get clients. I watch them putting in loads of effort in and getting disappointing results. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are putting their efforts into the wrong actions, and pretty much guaranteeing themselves a very hard time with finding clients.

During this live talk I will show you:
• The 5 major Marketing mistakes that stop entrepreneurs from getting the clients they want
• The #1 reason entrepreneurs struggle to get clients and get their business into 6 figures
• My simple, no-fail 3 step process for generating a lifetime of clients
• The best methods of attracting clients that are working, right now based on what stage your business is currently in
• How to find your "Zone of Excellence" and make it a client attraction magnet!

These few simple steps will change your game for good
Luckily, just implementing a few of these powerful and deceptively simple steps will correct the problem and get you a healthy load of new clients in no time at all!

3:45 - 4:30

The Process for Success: Becoming an Achiever

Randy Drake

Randy Drake Are You Achieving Your Goals?
Life should be an adventure. Life should be fulfilling. Life should be more than just existing. But most people are so bogged down trying to just survive that they do not relish the miracles of being alive. Most people are only experiencing a fraction of the joy and satisfaction that is available to them.
Randy Drake is a certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Through this key note Randy will explain the reason why most people never get to experience the success that they long for and strive to achieve.

You will learn:
• How your Mind works
• What a Paradigm is and how it is created
• What are your Six Mental Faculties and how we use them
• How the Law of Vibration controls your Results
• What a Terror Barrier is and what you can do to overcome it
• And much more …

This key note will explain how by becoming AWARE, you can change your whole life and become an Achiever.

4:30 - 4:45

Gold Vendor Spotlight

4:45 - 5:00


5:15 - 5:30

Door Prizes

WINNERS of Door Prizes will be Announced @ 5:15

Disclaimer: Times are approximate and schedule may change during the day.


Randy Drake was an amazing presenter at the Success Summit especially in the presenting of the subconscious and conscious mind and the way it is formed in childhood from 0-6 years old and what happens beyond that. A great piece of information for every parent, caregiver, school teacher and doctor to know and fully understand. So much automatic programming happens in those early years which forms a lot of the adults we see today! Michelle LeRoy
Holistic Youth Life Coach
Randy’s presentation at the Success Summit Markham 2016 was informative and uplifting! I learnt about the “terrier barrier” and how important it is to step out of our comfort zones in order for change to happen. I realized I am not alone in my struggles and saw ways on how to improve my thinking. Katelyn O’Neil
Entrepreneur and Artist
I have had the pleasure of hearing Randy Drake speak and teach in different arenas. He is very personable, easy to listen to and you can tell he is extremely passionate about what he does. His DISC teachings are very interactive, which for someone like myself, makes for better learning, not to mention how fun it was. I look forward to learning more from Randy in future Success Summits. Hilda Eid

Why is this summit for you?

Stay Ahead of the curve

By becoming AWARE, you can change your whole life and become an Achiever.
Develop a mindset of wealth and success that leads to inspired actions and desired results

Find new ways of thinking and problem-solving

Become more visible to your prospects, and turn those prospects into clients. Gain brand clarity and focus that will build a strong business and increase your profits.

Networking opportunities

Meet and greet with our speakers and vendors for more one on one conversations to help grow your network & create more opportunities for you and your business.

Strengthen Your Skills

Start your own successful business right out of the gate.
Get inspired, empowered and reach your maximize potential!

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